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. . . with the next stop being Canada!

After visiting the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana we headed for Canada. We crossed into Canada at Sarnia, which is a lot less congested than going through Detroit. It took us about one hour to cross over the border. We headed up to Stratford, Ontario. We parked at a provincial park just outside St. Mary’s, Ontario. The provincial park has a huge lake for boating, swimming and fishing. You can also go hiking at the provincial park. St. Mary’s is a quaint town just a few minutes from the provincial park. The buildings are primarily stone. It is an attractive town with a beautiful library and some nice restaurants.

The provincial park that we were parked at is about 5 miles from Stratford. We have been to Stratford before as it reminds us of a slice of England. There is a river running through the town called the Avon. Stratford is noted for its Shakespeare Festival where you can enjoy Shakespeare plays as well as Broadway plays. The shopping is great fun. You can also enjoy a variety of restaurants. We also enjoyed driving through the town with the unusual architecture of the homes and buildings. You won’t be disappointed if you take the trip. We left St. Louis to get out of the hot weather. The Canadian weather was much more appealing, although it did rain a bit. All in all another great trip!

The RV industry is celebrating its centennial – 100 years of exploration and journeys!

The RV lifestyle has endured and is still going strong, even in these challenging economic times.

RVing provides plenty of space, offers the comforts of home, and room for your pet.

Paul and I have our favorite spaces in our RV!


Now this is the way to travel!

Happy 100 years to RVing!

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