RV Travels with Anita

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“Thanks so much for the book. My wife and I will become fulltimers sometime next year. I’m still deciding on the best motohome to get. We don’t want to buy junk if we are going to live in it. I need something well built with not a reputation for many problems. We are looking hard at LazyDaze. They have a good reputation. We have a great plan for our travel though. It will include visiting as many old train rides as we can. Steam trains, wine trains, dinner trains, train museums….you name it. I told my wife that this research will probably take years! :-))

I started your book and got through about 30 pages and fell asleep (I was in bed). What usually happens is, I sometimes don’t remember it all, so, I will probably have to start over. Gee! That’s too bad. This could be fun!! I love the stories and I am sure I will learn much from you.

Thanks Again….Retirement is coming soon and we will then begin to enjoy every minute on the road.”
Paul and Mildred Pryor

“Thank you for the fast delivery of “Tales From the Road”. You’ve written an excellent book–easy and fun to read, filled with great travel ideas and smart tips, and I must add, very motivating. I plan to be in New England in mid-October and plan to follow your travel route to follow the wonderful foliage route you suggest. I’ve started to imagine travels to Alaska and the National Parks. You’ve given me a very helpful start. I have not had as good a laugh as I did last night reading “The BC.” My wife passed on Monday night after over five years of declining health. I needed a strong boost last night–my first night alone in many years. The house was rocking with laughter as I read. Thanks for a wonderful book. P.S. I share your faith in the goodness of people and that the sunshine is always shining beyond the clouds!”
John Thompson

“Anita, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures. I look forward to maybe seeing the places you’ve visited.”
Patricia Miller

“Thank you so much for going to the extra trouble to forward your book in time for our trip. I can’t wait to get started reading it.”
Jackie Henpen

“Anita. Thanks so much for sending me a copy of your book, it is delightful! You may be getting me in trouble. My wife has been reading the stories and is finding the motor coach lifestyle very appealing–and I can’t say it sounds too bad to me either! Maybe one day we’ll give it a try. I could set up and do caricatures in which every destination caught our fancy. hmmm. . .Thanks again, and Happy Motoring!”
Fred Eryer